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a_motorhomeA brief history....


Motorhoming.com was created in 1999 as a hobby site by motorhome-obsessed Ken Ayling, from Portsmouth, UK.  At the time there were literally no other websites of its kind for the motorhoming world and, much to Ken's amazement, it started receiving surprising numbers of visitors.  As these numbers continued to grow, Ken was often overwhelmed with emails and contact from people, either sending in content, requesting extra features or simply complimenting the site!


Over the next few years, Ken continued to spend incredible amounts of time updating and maintaining the site and corresponding with its visitors, the site continuing to grow until at its peak it averaged around a million visitors a month.


With a site of its scale on his hands, Ken often had to burn the midnight oil to keep up with it, occasionally to the irritation of beleagured wife Jan!  It was clear at this time that the site needed to evolve into something a bit more robust, professional and easier to manage.  Ken's son, Mark, was a techno-geek programmer and web designer; he made a number of attempts to rebuild the site, however none of these actually came to fruition due to the immense amount of time, effort and commitment required.  During this time, Ken was also approached by various parties who showed an interest in purchasing the site and/or taking over the running of it.  For one reason or another, none of these ever came about either, so Ken plodded with maintaining the site as it was.


In 2007, due to a serious illness, Ken was unable to keep up the work required to maintain Motorhoming.com.  As a result, some cobwebs started to appear and visitor figures dropped significantly.  However, despite this, the site did nevertheless continue to maintain 5-figure visitor numbers and it was clear that it still had potential.


After Ken recovered from his illness, son Mark finally pulled his finger out and in 2009 put in the hard graft required to take Motorhoming.com to the next level.  After a complete redevelopment, facelift and update, the result was the Motorhoming.com you are now looking at.  Now with a robust, technically excellent and flexble platform (going by the name of Joomla!) under it, the site was finally given a new lease of life.


Ken and Mark now both look after the site and have a ton of plans for forthcoming additional features.  With true membership now in place, the aim is for Motorhoming.com to grow as a community site which people return to again and again.


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